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Bring your dreams to life!

Somewhere inside, you have a nagging feeling that something is missing in your life...even if it's just a subtle yearning that you can't quite put into words. Somewhere along the way, you lost track of yourself amidst the expectations of others, or of 'society', or just amidst the long list of responsibilities on your plate.  You find yourself going through a lot of your days on autopilot, sometimes wondering, 'is this all there is?'

Or maybe you're rebuilding after things have completely fallen apart, and life still feels a bit uncertain; maybe still upside-down. Even though you're 'doing the work' and trying your best to move forward, you're unsure of who you are right now; you feel unsettled, uprooted, adrift.  You feel yourself grappling with an undercurrent of fear and self-doubt that keeps you stuck and stops you from moving forward. 

You might feel a little empty, or even lost.

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But you know you're meant for something more.

If you'd really, really just love to:

  • get clarity on what you truly want, in all areas of your life;

  • find a sense of purpose, fulfillment, love and joy that lasts; and

  • have a guided, road-tested and proven process you can follow that shows you the way're in the right place.


I'm Kelly Wagner, founder of Dreamsmith™ and I'm here to help guide and support you in stepping into your dream life and making it a reality.  I started Dreamsmith™ because after two decades of active trial and error, I've curated a tested-and-true process that's helped me continue to create and expand into a life I love, and I want to share it to help make your road a little easier. 

I believe that once you tune into what your heart and soul are deeply calling for, and you courageously find a way to live into that calling, that’s when joy, love and abundance will come calling for you.  I also believe that every human being deserves to feel fulfilled and happy, and that’s not because I’m just some Pollyanna wearing rose-coloured glasses: I have a deep sense that that's exactly what the world needs, now more than ever before.


Because of that, when we work together you're not just helping yourself live the life of your dreams.  You're also spreading a ripple of light and hope to others, because I donate a portion of my earnings to support other organizations around the globe so we can help even more people live their dreams too.

Together, we can make good things happen.

I’d be so happy to help you:

  • distill what's truly most important to you, and help you gain clarity on what you want in life

  • create a compelling vision for your future that ignites and inspires you every day

  • learn and use the art and science of manifestation to create a simple plan that serves to bring your dream life into existence

  • do it all in a way that's easier, faster and way more fun than we've been taught it’s supposed to be :)

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver

I'd love to work with you if you:

  • sense within you the determination to ignite a life that lights your soul on fire (even if, from time to time, you’ve felt it dwindle down to a tiny flicker of hope);

  • feel the resilient spirit inside you that refuses to be broken;

  • are excited at the idea of allowing yourself dream up a life that truly aligns with your deepest, most authentic yearnings and desires;

  • are ready and committed to calling up your tenacity and courage in order to not just map out your path, but follow it;

  • want your life to create a ripple of good that impacts the world, including but also beyond the people you love the most; and

  • are tired of doing it alone (even if you're quite capable, thank you very much!)

When you’re empowered to create and live a life that you love, you'll naturally shine a light and illuminate the path for others…without hardly even trying.

When enough of us take the courageous steps in the pursuit of our dreams, together we can create constellations of light that shine around the planet...and that's how we'll change the world.  


Come see what others are saying about my system, and find out how you can make your dreams come true too.   

Come on in. Let your light shine.

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