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The dreamiest kind of book club:
you don't even have to read!
- unless you want to, that is... ;)

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You're busy.  You wish you had the time

to read books that would help you grow and give you

some instructions for how to create the best version of your life...

but where would you find the time?


You'd also love to carve out just an hour a month for yourself

(is that really too much to ask?)

to hang out with a group of amazing, like-minded, and

supportive women to talk about these kinds of ideas...

but darn it, all your friends are too busy too.


Don't worry, I've got your back, sister:

the Dreamsmith Book Club is here,

and not only is it free, but

I've also taken care of the reading for you!


Go ahead and read the books, if you like -

(I highly recommend it - but never feel an obligation to!)

- and we'll gather in a cozy Zoom room on the

last Monday of each month at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

where I'll share a summary of the book,

including it's biggest ideas and takeaways.


Together, we'll discuss what we find most interesting and

which ideas (if any!) you might want to incorporate into your daily life.


Come as you are, bring your favourite 'cuppa to sip on, and

nestle in for a relaxing, friendly hour (or so) of

insightful conversation with really good people


Join us* for our next gathering, on:


Monday, JULY 8TH, 2024 <date changed for holidays>

where we'll be discussing

The Lion Tracker's Guide to Life

by Boyd Varty

Just register below* to get the Book Club Zoom links

sent straight to your inbox.

*registration below required; unsubscribe anytime

If you do want to read the books, awesome!  Get them at your local library,

favourite bookstore or online retailer.  Instant downloads on Kindle

(linked above, when available) or Audible are the fastest way

to get immediate access on any desktop or mobile device...

and you'll save a tree too :) 

Book Club: Next Up!

Register to join the Book Club: it's free!

...and you don't even need to read ;)

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