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Welcome to my Book Club!

I've got an insatiable appetite for books that teach us ways to live a better life. 


You too?  Then the Dreamsmith Book Club* is for you!


Rather than reading but then just shelving these gems, I've created a monthly book club where we gather online on the last Monday of each month to discuss the most impactful thing we've learned from each book, and how we might actively incorporate just one idea each into our everyday lives.

The list of books I've read and that I want to read is LONG, and it will never, ever end because I'm always adding to it at a much faster pace than I can keep up with, but here are several bookshelves worth of my favourites to-date on the subject of optimal living.

<insert BUY NOW subscription/one-off buttons here: one-time drop-in $24; quarterly pay 3mos at a time $57 (auto-renews unless you cancel min. 10 days in advance); pay 12mos upfront $180 (all non-refundable) >


See the FAQs section below for more details, and I hope I'll see you in our next Book Club meeting!

*Not in your budget or schedule to be able to join the discussions?  No worries, the list of past and upcoming books is below for you to read at your leisure :)  

Categorizing the titles was tricky because of overlapping subject matter in many cases, but hopefully the sections below will help you more easily find what you're looking for:

Finding Your Purpose ~ Mind & Mindset/Body/Emotions/Spirit ~ Personal Development ~ Self-Care ~ Optimal Living ~ Happiness ~ Relationships ~ Entrepreneurship & Business ~ Money & Finances  ~ Environment~Planet


Finding Your Purpose


...stories and fables on Finding Your Purpose


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Mind & Mindset/Body/Emotions/Spirit


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Personal Development ~ Self-Care ~ Optimal Living


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Entrepreneurship & Business


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Money & Finances

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  1. Are the books themselves included as part of my purchase?  No.  Your fee includes members-only access to the private monthly Zoom room.  Most books can be borrowed from your local library, a friend, or purchased online (either hard copy or digital).  Buy them anywhere, or buy them above from my Amazon affiliate links where you can feel good about your purchase knowing that I donate a portion of all revenues towards one of my favourite causes, Charity: Water.

  2. When and where are the monthly meetings?  We meet on the last Monday of every month except for December when we meet on the last Monday before Dec. 24th.  Meetings are online in the private Zoom room at 8pm ET/5pm PT, and last from 60-90 minutes.  You will get email reminders before each meeting.

  3. I attended one meeting at the one-time drop-in rate, and now I want to join longer-term.  Can I apply my earlier/first payment towards my longer-term membership?  No.  The longer-term memberships are purposely set at incentivized pricing in order to incent you to commit to the group and to your personal development for longer chunks of time at a time :)  We totally understand wanting to test it out first to make sure it's for you, and that's why the one-time drop-in fee is offered.

  4. If I have to miss a meeting, can I get that month's payment refunded?  No.  For your convenience, the recordings will be made available to you within about 72 hours to watch anytime, so you don't have to miss a thing.

  5. Significant things have come up in my life that make me unable to participate in my longer-term Book Club membership for a while.  May I put my membership on hold?  Yes.  We understand that sometimes life throws us curveballs that we can't possibly have foreseen, so we allow you to put your membership on hold once each twelve-month period for a maximum of 4 months. <just email us at xxxxx and we'll make the arrangements>  

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