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Hi.  I'm Kelly. 

I’m a speaker, writer, business owner, philanthropist, and the founder of Dreamsmith™.  I’m a tenacious yet softhearted woman with a resilient spirit and an eternally curious mind. I’m a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University program, a certified and licensed Success Team Leader mentored personally by the late Barbara Sher, and an Infinite Possibilities “Trailblazer” Certified Trainer.

I’ve worked in finance, landscaping, teaching, speaking, consulting, sales and real estate (investing, not realtor-ing); I’ve also hosted a cooking show, produced and hosted another show on holistic well-being, and I’m writing my first book.  I’ve had the privilege of speaking to audiences across Canada as well as in the US and Costa Rica.

I’ve been through a lot of change.

What I've learned - both on purpose and by accident – by going through all my career (and life) changes, is how to manifest some of my biggest dreams.

I’m here to share how you can manifest big change in your life too.  I want to see your big dreams come true. 

Because sad things can happen when you don’t.

My mom died by suicide when I was 35.  It wasn’t her first attempt. The core of it was this: her mental health suffered unbearably, in large part because she felt trapped in a life that she felt powerless to change.

I don’t ever want anyone to feel that way. Ever.

Whether you’ve ever struggled with mental health or not, I want you to know this: we have way more power and personal autonomy than most of us understand, and we can leverage what we know about psychology, energy, nature, brain science and the physiology of manifestation to bring our dreams to life.

I know.  I’ve done it.

Through my work here, I help people create a life that feels fulfilling, abundant and joyful.  And I’m on a mission to help restore hope – and mental wellness – to every human being.

Because the world needs your light, and it shines brightest when you’re being the fullest, truest, most authentic version of you.

I’d love to show you how.

I’ve had plenty of my own other personal struggles to navigate and overcome, and it wasn’t easy, but after a ton of research, investment, and real-life trial and error, I’ve found my way into a life I once couldn’t have imagined...and I’m sure as heck not done yet :)

So now, I’m combining my formal education and professional training with my decades of real world experience to help empower you to get unstuck, creatively engage with the process of change, and leverage the physiology of manifestation so that you can forge your dreams into reality and create a life you truly love.

Here are a few ways I can help you do that:


Whatever you do, go after your dreams and bring them to life. They’re waiting for you.

And the world really does need you to shine your light.

I’d be honoured to help you.❤️

Discover the magic of possibilities

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The full(er) story

My childhood was pretty great, in some ways: I grew up on a safe street, full of young families with tons of other kids, and I spent most of my time either reading books, doing crafts, riding my bike, or playing outside, whether in the field behind our house, or in the sandpit or the forest at either end.

My childhood was also pretty hard, in other ways: even though my parents loved me as best they could, they had too many troubles of their own to be very well equipped to help my two younger siblings and I find our way. My dear, sweet mom had always struggled with her mental health, suffering a series of nervous breakdowns beginning when I was six years old. When she and my dad divorced in my later teen years amid another (worse) round of breakdowns, he basically exited the entire family.  We all struggled to find our way.

Fortunately, I never lacked food or the other essentials for survival, but there was never any money for extras. I dreamed of a better life. I worked to pay for most of my own clothes and bus passes during high school, moved out halfway through my final year, waitressed my way through an honours university degree in business and psychology, then married my high school sweetheart.  I got a job in financial services, we built our brand new first house, and two years after moving into it, I gave birth to our beautiful, healthy baby boy. Things seemed to be finally coming together.

Until one year later when I found myself at the receiving end of a divorce and practically broke, with no family to help.  I was lost, confused and scared.  This was not how things were supposed to play out.

But I was determined to pick up the pieces.

It all pushed me to work harder than ever to find my way to my dream life, and although I tried my best to bring my dreams to life - even taking some bold steps and leaving a secure but unfulfilling job to try to make that happen – fifteen years later I was still struggling, both relationship-wise and financially. I was living paycheque to paycheque, and was single again after yet another heartbreak. During this same time period, my mom had continued to struggle with her mental health, and one spring on a mild Monday night in June, we lost her to suicide.

It hadn’t been her first attempt.

Losing my mom after watching her struggle my whole life, and living through my own challenges and personal bouts with depression had started me on a quest: a mission to figure out how to build a life that’s not only ‘worth living’, but a joy to live. A life that’s fulfilling, and meaningful; a life that's woven with love and light.

A dream life.

Could that kind of life really be possible?

Something in my heart kept telling me it was.  Kept pulling me forward.

So I searched and fumbled many times for the answers, fortunately finding a lot of wonderful mentors along the way (some who I knew personally; others that I never will).  Sometimes I won and many times I lost trying to put the pieces of this elusive ‘dream life’ puzzle together. I wove my way through a rich and diverse career and personal development path over the years until eventually, after investing tens (closer to hundreds) of thousands of hours, and tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of dollars into programs and resources - even literally walking on fire once - to help me find my way, I thought I’d finally figured out the ‘recipe for success’:

With zero dollars in the bank, I had gone all-in on my dreams and sold my home of eighteen years in order to get started (there are plenty of ways to get things in motion without going to such an extreme, but I'd built that home with my ex after we'd first gotten married, and had long wanted a fresh start that was purely my own). 


Over the short handful of years that followed and with the help and guidance of a team of mentors, I built myself a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, found a good relationship, “retired” at 48, grew my income well into six figures, and my net worth to seven figures.

But then, things started to get shaky again: I realized I needed to end that relationship and around the same time, I started experiencing some painful bumps in my balance sheet.  As a now-single (again!), self-employed empty-nester and ever the introspective and curious student of life with plenty of time on my hands, it was during a time of extensive reading, journaling, and reflecting, that I literally had a ‘eureka!’-type moment one day. 

I suddenly realized exactly how the pieces of this massive ‘dream life’ puzzle had come together during the periods in my life when my dreams had come true, and I saw what I’d been missing when they didn’t. Looking back, I was able to retrace my steps, see the patterns and connect the dots.

And it all became so clear to me.

That’s when I decided I wanted to share it with as many people as possible, and I set out on a mission to help restore hope - and mental wellness - to every human being.  To help everyone experience as much joy and fulfillment and the lightness of being that comes with living your life on purpose, in full alignment with your heart and your soul's deepest yearnings.


That's why I created the Dream Life Guidebook program: to help you get to the life of your dreams so much faster - and with a lot less struggle and pain - than I was able to, and to create a means by which you and I can also come together - with no extra effort required on your part - to help improve the lives of people everywhere.


Together, we can make a difference in the world. By becoming our best, most authentic selves, and sharing our light with others.

I’d be honoured to help you reach your dreams.  Because you deserve it, and your friends, your family, your pets - heck, even your plants! - and all the world needs you to shine. 

Watch this video or download the PDF where I share all the steps with you, free of charge; join my free book club (where you don’t even have to read!); check out the Dream Life Guidebook program and my fast-track VIP 1:1 “Dream Life in a Day” experience, or hire me to speak to your group, business, club or association.

Discover the magic of possibilities

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