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When The Schizzle Hits The Fan

What do you do when the schizzle hits the fan? (click the image to watch the video, or read the written version below instead):

I wrote a blog post on this a number of years ago, so I've included a link to that original article below this one, but I just re-read it myself because I could use a little dose of my own medicine in recent days (!)...and it was very helpful.

But I would add and emphasize a couple of things in it that I mentioned, and one is to go move your body. It might not actually solve the problem - i.e. it might not be an actual physical problem you're feeling, that moving your body is going to solve - but it will help process all the flood of stuff that happens in our bodies - adrenaline, cortisol, all the hormones that are flying around there when things are going sideways - so move your body (go for a walk or a run, climb some stairs, lift some weights, do yoga, or one of my personal faves: put on some music and dance it out). Even when you don't feel like it. Especially when you don't feel like it!

And BREATHE. Do those things and I promise it'll help. Don't just take my word for it: there's a ton of great material out there now on breathing techniques for controlling stress and anxiety, for regulating your mood and optimizing your health. Here's one of my favourites that captures it in such a useful and helpful way, from someone whose work I respect and trust a great deal - and his nearly 4 million subscribers would agree - from Dr. Andrew Huberman:

Take care my friends. Move your body, breathe...and you'll get through it! ❤️

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